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Bluetooth boombox offers all options

Bluetooth speakers are always sold as a 'lifestyle' choice, but do they cut the mustard?

Wireless speakers are all very well in theory but the practice is usually less about enjoying the experience and more about finding out exactly why your various gadgets won't play nicely together.

The latest elegant-looking system to raise the hopes is the ¥49,350 (£215) Parrot Boombox from CF Company in Japan. It relies on Bluetooth to shuttle tunes from the source to the 2.1 speaker setup, which outputs up to a healthy 60W.

Flexible add-ons

Supported Bluetooth profiles are A2DP and AVRCP, meaning the Boombox can receive audio, remote-control commands and artist and track information from the source.

Speaking of sources, CF Company is also offering a choice of adapters to add Bluetooth to the ubiquitous iPod, anything with a headphone output and devices with a USB port for around £10 extra. Whether or not that means an end to wireless headaches remains, of course, to be seen.