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Thumbs up: Windows 10 Mobile is finally getting fingerprint scanning support

Windows Phones will finally get fingerprint scanning

Windows 10 Mobile may not have the fastest update schedule, but we can rejoice about one thing: fingerprint scanning is finally making its way to Microsoft's smartphones.

Support for biometric security was revealed via Reddit, in which a Microsoft slide presentation from this year's WinHEC conference confirms the upcoming feature.

Expected out this summer with the Windows 10's Anniversary Update, fingerprint scanning will be offered as part of Windows Hello, which also allows users to log in with using facial recognition software.

Unfortunately, even if Windows Phone users are relieved to have fingerprint security, the feature won't make it to most handsets currently on the market - at the time of writing, the HP Elite X3 is the first Windows-compatible phone we know of with a proper fingerprint scanner, and it's not even out yet.

That said, this could be a sign that fingerprint-ready Windows Phones are imminent, showing continued support for the platform. That, or it's the same ol' Microsoft being slow to the draw, such as when Windows 10 Mobile delayed its biggest update by several months.