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Windows Phone 7 reaches 25,000 app milestone

Windows Phone 7 - appsolutely fabulous
Windows Phone 7 - appsolutely fabulous

Windows Phone 7 has racked up an impressive 25,000 apps to populate its app store despite being launched just eight months ago.

Although not official figures from Microsoft itself, app tracker WindowsPhoneApplist pegs the total number of apps in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace at 25,076.

Meanwhile, a second tracker, WP7Applications, reckons it's more like 24,878 in total, but let's face it; it all amounts to the same thing – that the Windows Phone app market is going great guns.

Appy days

The stats indicate that just over half of the apps in the market are free to use, with games and books taking the largest slices of the category pie.

Despite being dwarfed by the likes of the Android Market, which recently hit 4.5 billion downloads, and the Apple iOS App Store which claims over 425,000 apps, Microsoft's burgeoning OS is scrambling to catch up.

Now if only those device sales were looking a little healthier...

Via WinRumors, WPApplist and WP7AppList