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Windows Phone 7: Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE now on board

Windows Phone 7 - new manufacturers interested
Windows Phone 7 - new manufacturers interested

Microsoft has announced the arrival of its first major update to Windows Phone 7, and with it a number of new OEMs that are all set to build Windows Phone 7 devices.

Codenamed Mango, the Windows Phone 7 update offers around 500 new improvements to the phone OS (which you can read about in our Windows Phone 7 Mango review), including full-on Twitter support more dynamic Live Tiles and an updated version of IE 9.

Bringing home the Mango

The companies that have decided to jump on the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon are: Acer, Fujitsu Ltd and ZTE Corp.

It's unknown if any of these manufacturers will make handsets for the UK market but it is good to see more manufacturers lining up to add Windows Phone 7 to their devices.

Microsoft is being coy about release dates but did note that Acer, Fujitsu Ltd and ZTE Corp were "committed to produce devices with Windows Phone sites for various global markets before the end of the year."