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Skype finally graces BlackBerry 10, but only on the Q10

Skype finally graces BlackBerry 10, but only on Q10
Skype says hello to BB10

During the BlackBerry 10 launch back in January Skype was said to be "fully behind" the new OS, but it's taken the Microsoft-owned firm until now to actually make an appearance on a BB 10 device.

The Skype Preview app has now popped up in BlackBerry World - but is only compatible with the BlackBerry Q10, which is running the newer 10.1 version of BB10.

Skype will become official when the Q10 hits stores in Canada on May 1, with the QWERTY keyboard handset arriving two days earlier in the UK on April 29, while the US has to wait until late May.

BlackBerry Z10 support will follow soon after the Q10 goes on sale.

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