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Microsoft confirms Skype video calling for Windows Phone Mango

Microsoft confirms Skype video calling for Windows Phone Mango
Well, it spent $8 billion on it, Microsoft might as well get the most out of Skype

Microsoft has confirmed that new Windows Phone handsets 7 that launch with the imminent Mango software will feature front-facing cameras and Skype integration.

The revelation came at New Zealand's TechEd event, from where the official NZ Windows Phone account tweeted:

"Nice, they just confirmed at TechEd NZ that #WP7 devices with forward-facing cameras are coming with Mango - and Skype will support it."

New toy

It's not clear if the Skype integration will land at the same time as the Mango update itself (for which the good money is on a 1 September launch) or if it'll be a separate app or a future update.

But what is fairly safe to assume is that a number of the new batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets, if not all, will come with video-call-friendly front-mounted cameras.

So, we're locked and loaded for HTC's 1 September launch which coincides with IFA 2011 - over to you, LG, Samsung, Dell et al.

Via Engadget

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