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Motion-sensitive FM radio: no dials or button

Motion Speaker can be controlled with a mere wave of the hand

The latest FM radio from audio specialist e-Revolution looks like a pretty standard, albeit stylish, free-standing number until you realise there aren't actually any control buttons on it. The secret behind the Motion Speaker reveals all - it is totally controlled with a mere wave of the hand.

The ¥7,980 (£35) radio features four sensors in total, with one pair used for raising or lowering volume and the other for scanning FM frequencies for stations. As a bonus, the face of the radio lights up blue or green - a feature e-Revolution dubs 'mood lighting'.

The Motion Speaker draws its power either from four AA batteries or from a PC's USB port, although it won't work as a USB speaker. The company says it has no plans to sell the radio outside Japan yet. J Mark Lytle