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Sapphire's Pure Black X58 board to cost £210

Sapphire Pure Black X58
Sapphire Pure Black X58

Sapphire's eagerly awaited Pure Black X58 will cost around £210, with the much-anticipated motherboard landing in the next couple of weeks.

Sapphire's mobo builds on the company's graphics card expertise, and is pitched firmly at the enthusiast.

The board supports the Intel Core i7 processor, as well as all the modern bits of kit that are making enthusiasts a bit weak at the knees.

Stick it in

That includes USB 3.0, SATA 6Gbps, six dual channel DDR3 memory slots, 3 gen 2 and one gen 1 PCI-E expansion slots and all the ports you could shake your USB stick collection at.

Hell, it's even got an ol' school IDE port for those legacy HDDs in your collection.

With Sapphire's ATI/AMD heritage though don't expect any SLI certification...

Of course, overclockers are set to be catered for as well – with stable power sections, solid capacitors and Sapphire's Diamond Black chokes.

The price tag is obviously pretty high, but Sapphire has brought in experts from EVGA's old motherboard team to try and make it worth your while. If you're looking for a top-end Intel board then this may just be for you.

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