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Microsoft marks global launch of Skype for

When opening up the Skype app is just too much work

Microsoft has integrated Skype into its email service, allowing users to engage in video, voice and text chat straight from their inboxes.

The service was previously available as a preview in select markets, but is now available globally, marking another step in Microsoft's rebranding of key web services.

You'll need to download the Skype web plugin and link your account to make or receive calls in high-definition, which is currently only available on PC.

New brand, brand new features is Microsoft's renamed and revamped Hotmail service, which once dominated the web but lost out to Google's Gmail, which also has a popular chat and video feature called Hangouts.

The rollout of the Skype plugin will make a more attractive option for email users who want a one stop shop for their communication needs.

Microsoft has also fixed an annoying bug where calls continue to ring after they have been answered.

The plugin works on PCs with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. There's also support for Firefox, Chrome and Safari on MacOS.