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Skype for Windows gets more Facebook integration

Facebook - Skype likes this
Facebook - Skype likes this

Skype has just released a new beta version for Windows which includes a host of Facebook features, including Facebook chat integration.

The Skype 5.5 Beta doesn't allow you to call your Facebook friends, but does allow you to chat with them from within Skype, rather than having to log in to your Facebook profile.

There's also a new Facebook Contacts tab in the software, which is populated with all your Facebook friends, obviously, and lets you comment and 'Like' statuses on the social network.

Video poke

Rumours that Skype has been working with Facebook to integrate video calling into the social network's services have been milled for months, but we're yet to see that functionality.

In October last year, Skype introduced the Facebook news feed and the ability to call friends' mobiles and landlines from within Skype, but it's online video calling between Facebookers that will be the killer feature.

However, now that Microsoft has bought Skype, it's likely that the company will be keen to utilise (and monetise) Skype's video calling prowess elsewhere in its business.