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CES 2007: Sapphire debuts dual X1950 PRO

The X1950 PRO dual-GPU card takes up only a single PCI Express slot

ATI partner Sapphire has launched two new cards here at CES. The dual-GPU X1950 Pro Dual takes up a single PCI Express slot and power connector. There's1GB of DDR3 memory on board.

The company has also introduced a passively cooled X1650 board.

Sapphire says the dual-GPU performance is comparable to CrossFire performance and that it 'open[s] up the future possibility of the world's first quad AMD GPU operation.' Well, yes, we guess it does.

The card natively supports HDCP and features ATI's Avivo HD video and display tech. Both cores operate with clock speeds of 580MHz and 1400MHz memory clocks.

The passively cooled X1650 Pro Ultimate Edition has a 8mm heatpipe and radiator array to provide silent operation for media centre use. It's clocked at 600MHz (core) and 1400MHz for the 256MB of GDDR3 memory.