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Freesat hits 100,000 sales

Freesat - a growing option
Freesat - a growing option

Freesat is trumpeting 100,000 sales since launch, claiming that the prospect of subscription free HD has boosted its customer base.

Freesat – a free-to-air satellite broadcasting service from BBC and ITV – launched on the May 6 this year, and has already hit its first landmark in terms of customers.

The service is the third platform in the UK to offer live HD channels – following cable company Virgin Media and fellow satellite broadcaster Sky.

A little ITV HD

However, Freesat owners are currently the only people who can watch ITV's limited HD programming through their red button on certain shows and sporting events.

Freesat claims that it has enjoyed "strong, steady growth throughout what has been a tough summer for high street retailers".

A shortage of units available at launch may have hampered the sales - but it appears that Freesat can now call itself a competitor with the industry megalith BSkyB who has recently topped the '10 million subscribers' mark.