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Ubisoft gives us even more Wii party games

Ubisoft's Sports Party - lawn darts in your lounge
Ubisoft's Sports Party - lawn darts in your lounge

The first title to launch under the Play Zone label is Sports Party – a mini game collection based on "popular" sports like lawn darts, croquet and horse shoes.

Also featured are basketball (which comprises three games in itself), badminton, volleyball and mini-golf.

'Innovative and involving'

"With our new Play Zone party titles, the Wii gamers who like to spend time with friends and family will have fun with the Wii through innovative and involving mini-games," said John Parkes, Ubisoft's EMEA Marketing Director.

"The Play Zone label will provide them with the best games to mingle and compete together in a fun and friendly atmosphere," he continued.

With Ubisoft's recent Ubidays event highlighting its increasing casual gaming priorities for Nintendo platforms, Sports Party looks like the first of a great many titles in this series.

Sports Party is due for release on July 11th, 2008