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Rockstar releases three new GTA 5 trailers

Three new GTA 5 trailers go live
Guys, what if the world ends before September?

We might still be sulking about the delay of GTA 5, but it's difficult to stay mad at Rockstar when they've just given us not one, but three new trailers for the upcoming title while we wait.

Why three? One for each character of course - Michael, Franklin and Trevor. We won't spoil anything, but we will say that it's essential you watch all three.

This week also saw the launch of a new Scientology-riffing GTA website titled Kifflom, which turns out to be a disguised casting call that will let a few lucky winners get their faces immortalised in the new Grand Theft Auto.

More blips!

When you're done drooling over the views of Los Santos, we have a few more blips you might enjoy.