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Video: PlayStation 4 - what we'd like to see

PS4 - what are you hoping for?
PS4 - what are you hoping for?

Sony's PlayStation 3 has overcome an early hiccup to become a powerhouse of a console – but even though it's still going strong attention has turned to a successor.

As well as our extensive PS4 rumours: what you need to know about the PlayStation 4 feature, TechRadar has put together a video wishlist of what it wants to see in the next-gen console.

And it's not just a bigger, faster and stronger PlayStation, but also the things we are keen to keep from the PS3 and how it will bed in alongside the PS Vita.

So check out our video to see out top five things we want to see in the PS4:

If you enjoyed that video, you can also take a look at our PS Vita wishlist video: