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PlayStation 4 to have voice recognition?

Despite recent speculation that Sony might scrap plans for a PS4, these newly discovered Sony patents hint at bright things to come

Whilst having a poke around the US trademark office, Games Radar has discovered a list of noteworthy Sony games patents. All relate to future gaming hardware, with interesting features including voice-activated controls and pressure-sensitive buttons.

Registered this time last year, Sony has patented gaming hardware with voice recognition integrated into it. Could the PlayStation 4 have voice-activated menus? Will you be able to play games without the need for a controller?

Future of Sony gaming

Ben Richardson on our sister site Games Radar says: "The intention seems to be to use microphones housed on a console with voice-recognition software, for actions like analysing your voice to match you with a game's character, or recalling your personal config settings at the sound of your voice.

"There's even a suggestion that noise-making gizmos could be packaged in cereal boxes, with the specific noise they make triggering an unlockable item in-game."

Also patented was a system for pressure sensitive controls for which "the first, second, and third control signals are proportional to the amount of pressure detected along the associated first, second, and third axes."

As CVG points out, that means the controls would be extremely sensitive. Designed for a future Dual Shock 4 PlayStation controller perhaps?