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Lighter, leaner, low-powered PS3 coming soon

PS3 - slimmer of the month
PS3 - slimmer of the month

Sony is on the verge of releasing a new model of PlayStation 3, which offers lower power, less weight and a few minor external changes.

Although originally just a rumour from a retailer claiming to have been briefed on the new console, the CECH-3000B PS3 model has since surfaced on Sony's Japanese PlayStation site, with release date listed as from June 2011.

Power down

Power consumption on the new 320GB model has been chopped down to 200W from 230W on the previous iteration.

Weight Watchers has clearly been working out for the PS3 too; it has dropped 400g, with the CECH-3000B model weighing in at 2.6kg.

It's not clear exactly what's changed about the console's appearance, although the consensus seems to be that some kind of change has been made to the power and eject buttons, and that some LED lamps have been removed.

In terms of a UK release date for the updated PS3, there's not much to go on; with no guarantees that it will even make it to our fair shores, we can merely speculate that it will begin replacing the existing 320GB model as stock runs out.

From Sony Japan via AfterDawn