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Japan sales show Wii stretching lead over PS3

The Wii continues to amaze, as it pulls away from its rivals.

The latest games-hardware sales figures from Japan show that instead of Sony catching up on Nintendo there, the PS3 is actually falling further behind the Wii, which has increased its lead over last month.

The statistics, from games publisher Enterbrain (English report here ), for June show that the Wii sold almost seven times more than the PlayStation 3 - 270,974 to 41,628. The Xbox 360 trailed in far behind at just under 18,000 sales in the month.

Yawning chasm

The data indicate Nintendo is stretching its lead in the console market, as the ratio of Wii sales to PS3 sales was five to one in May and just four to one in April.

As we saw last week, most territories - Australia excepted - are showing a similar trend for Wii dominance. The impact of the Wii and the handheld DS machine on Nintendo has been so great that its valuation briefly overtook that of Sony, a much larger company, on the Tokyo stock market recently.