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Chatting with Xbox One frenemies is now easier than ever

Xbox One Voice Message update

Sending voice messages over Xbox Live is probably second nature by now - even if the process is a bit more convoluted than it should be.

You're used to finding friends in the dedicated section of the interface, scouring the list for the appropriate buddy and sending the message. Thanks to the upcoming May update, however, the arduous process of sending a message will be a lot more manageable.

The update, detailed on brand ambassador Major Nelson's blog, reveals that in the future sending a voice message will be as simple as double-tapping the jewel button in the center of the controller and selecting voice message.

Voice messages will work from Xbox One to Xbox One, as well as Xbox One to Xbox 360.

The other piece of exciting news for Microsoft socialites is that the company will start analyzing the network structure of every member in your party and, if it finds a hitch between the connections, will set your fire team up with its own private voice server.

The software should start rolling out to some members today, and will expand to everyone on Xbox Live in the coming weeks.

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