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Packard Bell: iMax Mini not a Revo-lution

PB iMax Mini
PB iMax Mini

Packard Bell has been showing off its new 'lifestyle' ethos, along with the iMax mini, a tiny Atom based computer that is designed to hang from the back of your television or screen.

In a lengthy press conference to show off its new logo, new branding and a startlingly glossy book filled with inspirational keywords, Packard Bell – or PB as they would now like to be known – did show off some gems.

Potentially the iMax Mini is one of them – bringing netbook specs to a small form factor computer designed for the living room.

Acer Revoo?

It's, as the eagle-eyed will note, rather identical to Acer's Revo – which of course is down to the fact that Acer now owns Packard Bell and, according to PB's Hugues Gontier was too good not to include in both brands.

"It was a bomb," he said. "We saw how Wii was doing and, although Mario Kart is fun, and Wii Tennis is fun – Tiger Woods PGA is better.

"It came out of Acer's R and D and it was fantastic and new so Acer wanted to have it and PB wanted to have it, so it was decided that there was no reason it couldn't be in both brands.

"It was an exception."