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Beefed-up 80GB PS3 available now... in Korea

Korea is now the only country with an 80GB PS3 to call its own.

South Korean gaming websites are currently exalting in the fact that - as of Saturday - their country is the only one in which an 80GB version of Sony's PlayStation 3 is available.

A launch event held in Seoul featured a four-hour countdown and was attended by a small crowd of mostly photographers and hardcore game fans. The 518,000 won (£290) price for the console with 20GB more than in the rest of the world compares favourably with the £425 Sony charges for the 60GB version in the UK.

Really Korea only?

Despite speculation to the contrary, Sony claims it will not launch the more-capacious PS3 anywhere outside Korea. It claims the almost-total penetration of broadband internet connections there means Koreans alone have a need for a larger hard drive.

That patently nonsensical argument - it doesn't account for Japan or the fact that a faster connection doesn't necessarily imply more downloads - means that we reckon you'll still be seeing the 80-gigger sometime late this year in your local shops.

For a look at photos of the event, feel free to check out the excellent Korean-language site Ruliweb , which supplied the photo you see above.