Best free Usenet trials 2018

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Free Usenet servers have seen their numbers dwindle as demand for (and the sheer cost of) resources has continued to increase. They have become less reliable, more unstable, and far slower than paid options.

On top of that, they tend to have short binary retention periods (only a few months) and they do not usually provide an SSL certificate to improve security and maintain anonymity.

The solution? Well, you can always get free Usenet trials and just use them one after the other to download Terabytes worth of data for more than four months. We’ve picked out the safer options in this article: well-known brands that have been reviewed either by ourselves or our peers.

TechRadar readers can benefit from an exclusive 30-day free trial with UseNeXT featuring up to 600GB to download for free (including a 30GB download at 800Mbps). Get 25% off when you take a paid-for package which allows you to download at up to 800Mbps.View Deal

XS News probably shares the same ownership or backbone as UseNeXT as it has speeds of up to 800Mbps as well. The firm’s trial is as generous (albeit lasting only 14-days) and includes unlimited speed and access to 30 Petabytes of content.View Deal

Newshosting provides a free 7-day trial with 750GB of free downloads. After the trial period, you will receive up to 58% off for the lifetime of your account – plus a free VPN service with annual plans.View Deal

Eweka also offers a 7-day trial with unlimited downloads (you’re essentially limited by your internet speed). Once that period has elapsed, you can opt for a subscription with a 300Mbps connection speed.View Deal

Supernews has only a 72-hour trial period, the (joint) shortest of the freebies here, but it’s the only one to offer a 100% completion rate which should cut down the number of download failures.View Deal

Easynews is probably one of the less fancied providers here. At 14-days, the trial is perfect for those who want to explore the world of Usenet at their leisure. Just note that you only get 10GB of data, but on the upside, you don’t need to download a separate newsgroup reader – you can just use your browser.View Deal

Giganews on the other hand doesn’t suffer from the same issues. Its 14-day trial is on par with Easynews, and gives you a nifty Usenet browser called MIMO. But you have unlimited monthly access and a whopping 50 connections.View Deal

You can try one of the most popular European Usenet service providers, Tweaknews, for up to 10-days with unlimited downloads and uncapped speeds. You get a lifetime discount, but just be wary of the low retention levels.

Usenetserver also offers a 14-day trial but it ends when you reach the 10GB limit, which for power users could take a few minutes! This service is aimed at experienced users so novices should proceed with caution.View Deal

Netherlands-based Pure Usenet wants to introduce new users to 7-days of Usenet nirvana with 12 connections, unlimited speed and unlimited data allowance, unlike most of the other trials highlighted here.View Deal

Usenet.Farm promises to be a “fresh wind on the Usenet landscape” and tries to achieve this by killing the password and not requiring any registration. You only need your email to log in to the trial. Get this 10GB trial for free with no time limits.View Deal

A 14-day trial and 10GB of content is what you can expect from iLoad Usenet, a German-based service that only needs your email – like the above provider – to kick-start your Usenet journey.View Deal

There seems to be something in the Netherlands that attracts Usenet providers. Easyusenet is another outfit based in the country, and offers a 5-day trial with 200Mbps speeds and no data download limit. You do need to provide your mobile phone number, though, as the company will send you an SMS code.View Deal

Aiming to lure you in with the (joint) shortest trial period of all the providers here is Hitnews. You have 72-hours to download as much content, and read as many posts as is humanly possible. Get those coffee mugs lined up as you experience unrestricted Usenet access.View Deal