How to convert PDFs to Word format

Make PDFs easier to edit by converting them to DOC or DOCX format

WPS PDF to Word on a laptop

Converting PDFs to Word format makes them easy to edit without the need to invest in expensive PDF editing software. 

In our tests, we've found that WPS PDF to Word gives the best, most consistent results when converting files. It can convert PDFs to DOC, DOCX, and even extract just the text as a TXT file.

The free version of WPS PDF to Word is excellent, but has one limitation: it can only convert five pages of a document at a time. It includes a PDF splitter, but again, this only works with short documents.

Don't worry though – if you're dealing with a particularly large document, you can always split it into sections using a simple tool called PDFsam Basic. It's an extra step, but the results are worth it.

Get PDFsam Basic

If your PDF is longer than five pages, PDFsam Basic will help you split it

1. Get PDFsam Basic

If the PDF you want to convert to a Word document is longer than five pages, download and install PDFsam Basic – a free tool for splitting and merging PDFs. Make sure you click the link Windows downloader (.exe) – there are some ads on the page designed to look like download buttons – and uncheck the box marked 'Install PDFsam Enhanced'. You'll need to uncheck this box again when running the installer.


Split your PDF

It's easy to split your PDF into blocks of five pages before converting them to Word format

2. Split your PDF

Launch PDFsam and select 'Split'. Load your PDF into the box at the top by either browsing or dragging and dropping it into place, then choose 'Split by every 'n' pages' and enter '5'. Choose an output destination and filename convention, then click 'Run' to divide the PDF. It's now ready to convert to Word format.

Download and install WPS PDF to Word

In our tests, WPS PDF to Word gave the best results of any free converter

3. Get WPS PDF to Word

Download the free version of WPS PDF to Word and run the installer, making sure you're happy with the terms and conditions before accepting. Launch the software and either browse for your first PDF, or drag and drop it into the space provided.

You'll notice that WPS PDF to Word lets you convert multiple files at once, but only if those files have no more than five pages in total.


Convert PDFs with WPS PDF to Word

WPS PDF to Word can convert documents to both DOC and DOCX format

4. Convert your PDF to Word

Choose a file type for your converted PDF. You can choose from Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX formats, plus RTF. Choose an export location, then click 'Start'. When it's done, the 'Status' column will read 'Success' and you'll be able to open your converted documents in Word. The document might need a little tidying, but in our experience it should be almost identical to the original PDF.