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Best virtual assistant services of 2021

Included in this guide:

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The best virtual assistant services make it simple and easy to delegate routine business administration to help you better manage your time.

Virtual assistant services can be especially useful if you ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and are left juggling too many tasks each day. There’s no reason for you to be stumped when you can delegate your tasks to get them done effectively. The only question is: how?

Get employees. But as staggering hourly rates in the United States continue to soar, you’re bound to still continue to try to cut corners where you can but shouldn’t. And if your business venture is just about to see the light of day, it’s painful to watch it crumble. The solution? Remote assistance where you can leverage your business’ potential by getting all tasks done on time, every time.

This is done by hiring help through a virtual assistant agency only as and when you need it, make it a more cost-effective alternative to hiring an employee full-time when you may not need to.

Here then are the best virtual assistant services currently available.

We've also highlighted the best productivity tools.

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1. MyOutDesk

Grow your business with the highest-rated virtual assistants

Reasons to buy
+Affordable plans+FBI equivalent background check of employees+Support+Training platform

MyOutDesk has made quite the name in providing world class virtual assistant services to help you save as much as you can every year but still get tasks done. With high rated virtual assistants, you can focus more on expanding your business and let your staff handle the tasks with ease. For the same number of hours weekly, MyOutDesk is committed to providing you over 50% of savings from your monthly pay including fringe benefits and overhead pay. 

Partnering with MyOutDesk means saving time and money assembling offshore staff who are trained, more efficient and less distracted. MyOutDesk guarantees that their business model is crafted from decades of experience in providing virtual assistant services, matching you with the best candidate for every task. Each candidate is proficient in the skill/s necessary for the tasks at hand, and has received ample training to achieve this. Unlike some of the virtual assistants you will find elsewhere, MyOutDesk’s virtual assistants are provided with the equipment and home offices they require to perform better. 

If you’re planning to outsource and have no idea where to start, you might want to start with a consultation with the MyOutDesk specialists. You can also rest easy knowing that any virtual assistant matched with your needs has undergone more than enough training to excel in the tasks you assign, giving you tons of extra time to attend to more important business matters as you’re able to delegate all of your other smaller tasks. 


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2. Belay

Transform your workday with your own virtual support team

Reasons to buy
+Bachelor's degree (or higher) for virtual assistants+Low overhead costs+Proven track record

If you want seasoned professionals with a proven track record to take the small tasks out of your hands so you can focus on the bigger ones that need your attention more, Belay will find them for you. Belay understands that the hardest part of the journey is not knowing where to start, so as soon as you connect with one of their Client Success Consultants, every step of the way becomes more bearable, so you won’t have to hesitate in taking the plunge. 

Whether it’s coordinating your projects, managing your schedule, taking care of your content, clearing your inbox, calling your customers or taking the calls, to even booking your flights, Belay has got you covered. They’re an award-winning organization that does what they do best while ensuring you get exactly the value for your money. 

Get more out of your professional and personal life as soon as you become a part of Belay’s elite group of professionals, sales teams, entrepreneurs, consultants, and bloggers who are taking advantage of the opportunity to do more without the stressful and chaotic daily struggle in a futile attempt to manage time and get more done. The results are always more than you could have expected.


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3. OkayRelax

Helping you reclaim valuable time

Reasons to buy
+Easy sign up+Dedicated assistant+Task credits allocation+Extra credits

Relaxing amidst the stress when you’re attempting to juggle dozens of tasks at a time seems impossible. To be honest, it is indeed impossible. With OkayRelax, they understand your dire need for a breather to be as productive and efficient as you need to be. And you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to avail of OkayRelax’s services. If you’re a busy mother, blogger, or traveler, OkayRelax will be happy to accommodate you and set you up with a dedicated personal assistant who can lighten your heavy load.

Their simple and affordable plans are perfect for anyone who’s needing immediate help- simple enough to determine how many tasks you may be needing delegation for, what kinds of tasks these are, and how long each task is going to take. As a return, most of your repetitive tasks draining most of your days dry are taken care of: research, administrative tasks, schedule management, even travel bookings and reservations. Each task is done with precision and professionalism, unlike how they would probably end up if they were squeezed into everyday cramming. 

Upon sign up, you are matched with an assistant. Without a binding contract, you can easily cancel your subscription if you’re not as pleased as you thought you’d be with how the tasks are done. Longer tasks that require more lead time will of course be allocated longer time with the use of additional task credits. 


(Image credit: Woodbows)

4. Woodbows

Helping you get everything done while improving your profits

Reasons to buy
+Dedicated virtual assistant+Offices in Asia and North America+Employees are monitored+Virtual assistants are experienced

Each virtual assistant at Woodbows has been handpicked and has had to go through three sets of tests to ensure their skill sets are a better match for you. If you wish to be a part of the community of entrepreneurs, executives and professionals who have achieved a work-life balance, signing up is fairly easy.

It helps that there are virtual assistants offshore (Philippines and India), easily making the services available 24/7, because they understand that task deadlines are not confined to the US time zone. From content writing, web design, website maintenance, email management, data entry, inbound or outbound calls, real estate, software development, app development, Social Media Management (SMM), customer support, bookkeeping, to administrative tasks, you can have an extra set of hands to free yours so you can focus on your core business strategies. 

To sign up, Woodbows introduces four simple steps: request a free consultation, choose your subscription plan based on your needs, sign up on their website, and wait for a call from your dedicated VA. 


(Image credit: Fancy Hands)

5. Fancy Hands

Ready to lend a hand and help you get things done

Reasons to buy
+Dedicated assistant+Affordable plans+Rollover and recurring tasks/requests

Fancy handing over your tasks to an assistant? Fancy Hands helps you get things done by handing them over your dedicated assistant to take care of them for you. Need to delegate occasional and repetitive tasks? Fancy hands can also take care of that for you. Their comprehensive plans and pricing make it easy for you to make a decision when you sign up. 

What easily set Fancy Hands apart from other platforms are the special features they offer on top of their plans. These features include rollover credits which are essentially unused credits/requests from previous months so they don’t go to waste, setting recurring tasks/requests so you can forget about them and focus on something else, accessible request submission: via text, phone call or email, scheduling, special projects, conference calling, app integrations and so much more. 

Your first step is to determine how often you’re going to need help (once a week, a few times a week or daily), and you’re all set to choose your plan. Whether you’re needing to travel and need someone to plan it for you so you can focus on enjoying it, need to call your ISP to ask about your bill, set a weekly reminder for a meeting, arrange airport pick up, or find and order a limited edition toy for your son, Fancy Hands has got your back. 

There’s absolutely no need for you to carry the world on your shoulders when you shouldn’t, but if getting an assistant seems too much for you - training, overhead costs of setting up an office and taking care of taxes, benefits, etc., virtual assistant services become heaven sent. These services are not too good to be true though, so keep an eye out for which services suit your needs best. 

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants provide services without having to be physically present. They can be located in any of the continents across the globe. All files are shared online, and, since you’re in different locations, effective communication is key to maintaining a smooth flow of all the tasks at hand.

Most remote employers have turned to services offered by remote workers because of a number of reasons. Not only are the overhead costs significantly more affordable, virtual assistants also provide competitive and efficient services from their competitive skillsets. There are over a hundred services you can hire a virtual assistant for to get a load of tasks done in time. 

Some of these tasks include Social Media Management (SMM), accounting, data entry, digital marketing, content writing, web developing, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), order management, bookkeeping, real estate, customer support, appointment setting, editing & proofreading, conducting interviews, recruitment, email marketing, lead generation, auditing and many others. 

Since remote work is offered, everything is done online - from interviews to training for skills, to giving feedback, to sending paychecks (more convenience, but we’ll get to that later). 

Why hire a virtual assistant?

Some entrepreneurs, likely the ones who are not ready to embrace this modern solution to end their day to day struggles of maneuvering from one task to another, albeit not always ending up successfully doing so, are still hesitant to hire a virtual assistant. 

If you think you’re still one of the few hesitant employers, don’t fret. Maybe seeing what it really entails can help you make a decision. 

Hiring a virtual assistant will give you the following benefits:

1. Considerably low overhead expenses

Having a number of employees can help get more things done every day, but that’s not to say you’re maximizing the costs of keeping each employee. For example, if you need to get your SEO done, you will need to hire an SEO expert full time, even after all the SEO tasks are taken care of. Hiring several virtual assistants on an hourly basis is a different story altogether. Not only are you able to maximize the investment you’re making in paying them for their expertise, you’re also able to make sure prioritized tasks are always completed on time. 

2. You’re not only saving money, you’re also saving time

Virtual assistants come with core competency in different fields. Your graphic designer will only focus on the graphic design part, while your content writer will only focus on the content part. When all tasks are delegated according to each virtual assistant’s specialty, you can expect more things done in much less time because each task is performed regularly and continuously. 

3. Avoid burnout

Having less to do everyday can significantly reduce your stress level, so a number of handpicked virtual assistants to perform certain tasks for you effectively can take a lot from your hands. On the other hand, trying to do everything on your own can make you a lot less efficient, wastes your energy, and eventually sucks you dry. Forget time management. If you’re seeing all your efforts to manage your time and get more things done every day as a futile, it probably is. Delegating tasks is a proven way to get them done, period.

4. More on the low overhead expenses

Having employees will require having an office space which you need to rent. There’s also Internet connection, electric and water bills, office equipment, maintenance, and even transportation costs. Virtual assistants mostly work from home and don’t mind forgetting about the daily commute altogether, so they won’t mind using their own resources while they work either. 

5. Explore talents from across the globe

The most talented graphic designer might be curled up in his bed in a rural area in Indonesia, waiting for the perfect opportunity to share his skills. Your local graphic designers are definitely going to charge more than him, and you would not want to pass up on the opportunity to get the best services- the ones you deserve. Having virtual assistants means you get to handpick the best talents from across the globe as opposed to having a limited pool of talents to choose from in your area.

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