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Compro VideoMate Vista E800F review

Compro upgrade their classic TV tuner

Compro VideoMate Vista E800F
The Compro VideoMate Vista E800F is one of the best ways to turn your PC into a fully fledged media centre

Our Verdict

A great option for those seeking to upgrade their PC into a media centre. It's a bit of a shame there wasn't that many new features but having said that we still think this is one of the best options


  • Multi-screen support
  • Small form factor
  • Dual tuner


  • Not a huge upgrade

Can it really be over a year ago that we looked at Compro's E700F? Yes, and remarkably little has changed in that time. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, because Compro has been successfully making excellent TV tuners for years now.

If it isn't broken and, more importantly, the key technology hasn't been bested by the competition, why bother trying to change it?

Which brings us to the E800F: a smart piece of kit and the perfect way to turn your PC into a media centre. It comes with plug-ins for Microsoft's Media Centre and the card will talk happily with Windows, but Compro's DTV software is some of the best, and most attractive, I've come across.

Importantly, for me at least, it's also one of the few solutions out there that can cope happily with multi-screen desktops too.

The low-profile nature of the card (including replacement brackets for small form factor PCs) makes it a cheery companion for your ITX or Atom machine. Sitting happily next to your TV, it functions as the perfect digital recorder.

The dual tuner means you can easily watch and record from two distinct digital channels and the excellent wake up function enables you to set record times that see the card boot your PC, start recording and shut it down again afterwards.

Things might not have changed much with this release, but the E800F is still one of the best TV tuners you can jam in your PC.

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