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XFX NFORCE 680i SLI review

Taking a final bow

More connectors than you could ever want or hope for


  • Great packaging
  • Handy LED read-out
  • Multitude of connectors


  • Runs quite hot

The prize for best packaging goes to XFX by some way.

It's clear, extremely simple and very easy to get into. It may not be much, but first impressions do count, you know.

Plethora of connectors

The board itself is a standard NFORCE 680i job. That means it's stable and overclocks well, but runs hot compared to the latest Intel boards at similar speed.

It does have an LED read-out for troubleshooting, though, which few of the P35 boards have.

The 680i's biggest strength is the sheer number of connectors that the board boasts. There are absolutely loads and plenty of expansion slots, too.

Now that prices have come down, it's definitely a good option, especially for SLI lovers; although you may want to hold off for 780 before making your choice.