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Public sector staff comfortable wtih work robots and drones

Public sector embracing future technology
Public sector embracing future technology

A survey commissioned by Ricoh Europe found that the overwhelming majority of Europe's public sector employees are fairly comfortable with the predicted arrival of new, potentially life-changing technology in the workplace.

The study, carried out by Coleman Parkes, reveals that 70% of respondents anticipate the arrival of augmented reality to their desks with 62% expecting desk-based robots and drones to land in their offices soon.

Perhaps more naively, a whopping 56% expect carrier nodes, the sort of technology that was popularised by movies such as Matrix and Johnny Mnemonic, to become common place (Carrier nodes are direct digital connections to the employees' brains).

Future public sector workplace to be different

Having such evolved technology in the workplace would give better access to information they need, allowing them to complete their tasks faster and improve employee collaboration, mos of them replied.

Carsten Bruhn, Executive Vice President, Ricoh Europe, said "The year 2034 could well mark the point where the public sector tech evolved workplace was fully realised. It could also form the dawn of a new era when other workplace innovations, such thought-based commands, begin to become the norm."

Desire Athow

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