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The best iPad games of 2019

The iPhone revolutionized gaming through multitouch, but the iPad provided a larger canvas and power for fully immersive and expansive experiences.

Apple’s tablet remains a powerful, engaging gaming device, whether you delve into innovative touchscreen games, or use a controller for a more console-style experience.

Whatever you prefer, the very best games are found in our lists. Check back every two weeks for our latest favorite.

iPad game of the week: GRIS ($4.99/£4.99/AU$7.99)

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

GRIS is – in terms of mechanics – a side-on platformer. You run left or right, leap about, and try to find items that unlock more areas in which you can explore. In this sense, the game is quite traditional – perhaps a little too much so when you hit areas that require pixel-perfect precision.

But along with these conventions, GRIS infuses the heart of an artist deep into the game. The wordless story follows the titular Gris, a woman who’s lost her voice. You can perhaps infer the desolate world in which she finds herself – and the obstacles she faces – are her trying to find herself again.

Throughout, the game is an aesthetic delight, with a stunning soundtrack and gorgeous hand-drawn art, with many moments of pure joy to be found in the details.