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Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones lives for another season

Surprise, surprise - Game of Thrones is renewed for another year

If you're worried you'd have get your fantasy fix elsewhere next year, fear not - Game of Thrones has been renewed for 2017.

The announcement was made worldwide via Twitter, ensuring fans that the upcoming sixth season won't be the last - though we can't say the same for the entire cast if the foreboding trailer is anything to go off of.

George R.R. Martin's fantasy drama isn't the only show getting another season at the Home Box Office - the political comedy Veep and Mike Judge joint Silicon Valley will also be making a return in 2017.

Game of Thrones returns to TV this Sunday, and even those without a premium subscription can tune in, as HBO is unlocking the channel to all cable owners for this weekend only. If you've been waiting for the opportune moment to throw your own GoT watch party, now's the time to get on that.