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Lord Sugar: Current YouView is a 'carcass' of real experience

Sugar: Current YouView is a 'carcass' of real experience
Carcass - not the word you'd expect to describe a new service

Alan Sugar has admitted that the current YouView offering is a "carcass of the real experience", with a "minimum amount of features" at launch.

Lord Sugar was a high profile addition to YouView's board, and is one of the UK's most high profile businessmen.

However, the Apprentice star made a curious admission about the first offering from YouView at the launch, suggesting it was a long way from a complete service.


"YouView will replace the Freeview box but the service at the moment is a template, the carcass of the real experience" said Lord Sugar.

"There are a minimum amount of features on board at the moment but what will happen in the next few years [we] will see many more providers come on board."

Lord Sugar believes that the prohibitively high price of the original boxes at £299 will drop quickly, with non PVR set-top boxes and boxes with a single tuner likely.

"In two years' time I wouldn't be surprised if there is a £99 box," he said.