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Digital switchover starts in earnest

Digital UK
Digital UK

The digital switchover started in earnest on Thursday, with Scottish Borders losing analogue BBC 2 at 12.31am.

The analogue switchover has already been tested in Whitehaven on a much smaller scale, but Borders represents the first full scale regional switch.

More than 50,000 households are affected by the switch, and they will now need digital receivers such as Freeview, satellite receivers and dishes or cable.

Mostly ready

Around 99 per cent of people in the affected area were aware that switchover was taking place, and 97 per cent of people were prepared for it.

Paul Hughes, Scotland national manager of Digital UK, said: "Scottish Borders residents have really responded to the information campaign and they're well prepared to lead the first, full-scale digital switchover."

The remaining analogue channels will be switched off on 20 November for Borders.

The analogue switchover will continue to roll out until the final regions in 2012.