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California set to ban energy-sapping big TVs

NEWS ALERT: Your TV is too big, get rid of it!
NEWS ALERT: Your TV is too big, get rid of it!

The once-liberal state of California is set to ban the use of large, energy-sapping TVs in a move to cut the average carbon footprint of its citizens.

In a move which is sure to see outcry from freedom-loving Republicans in bars throughout the state, supporters of the scheme claim that it will save Cali residents over $8bn in 10 years in energy costs.

A stern TV decree

The California Energy Commission decrees that all new television sets up to 58 inches (147cm) must be more energy efficient by 2011, sapping up 33 per cent less energy than current models. This will then go up to 50 per cent more efficient by 2013.

Cali's Energy Commissioner Julia Levin said: "We have every confidence this industry will be able to meet the rule and then some... It will save consumers money, it will help protect public health and it will spark innovation."

Predictably, while environmental groups are welcoming the move, many other TV consumers and those in the TV industry are not so happy about it.