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B&O Beovision 7 flagship goes 3D with integrated Blu-ray

B&O Beovision 7 flagship goes 3D with integrated Blu-ray
B&O's Blu-ray playing behemoth

Bang & Olufsen has taken the wraps off the BeoVision 7-55, a 3D version of its flagship set with a Blu-ray player integrated into the 55-inch display.

Not only is the television active-shutter 3D ready, it also comes with its own motorised stand so you can elevate and swivel it to that sweet spot from the comfort of your sofa.

The LCD screen features some LED backlighting technology, while an ultra-precise sensor measures ambient light and uses that information to optimise the screen image.

Sound as a pound

B&O hasn't just focused on super-sharp pictures, though – the BeoVision 7-55 includes the company's patented acoustic lens technology to adapt the sound to the room the TV is in.

Although the BeoVision 7-55 joins a growing 3D line-up, Bang & Olufsen knows that the third dimension isn't necessarily the TV's raison d'etre.

"3D functionality is in increasing demand right now where Hollywood as well as the gaming industry is starting to produce more material suited for 3D viewing," explained Ole Moltsen, B&O's senior product manager.

"However, the quality of the 2D experience is just as important because it is still what our customers will use the most."