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Build apps and win big with Windows 8 App generator

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Windows 8 has arrived, and if you develop apps, with the Windows Store opening its doors, you now have hundreds of millions of potential consumers at your fingertips. So it's the perfect time to start developing for the Windows 8 platform - and Future Publishing has partnered with Microsoft to offer an added incentive: £40,000 worth of incredible prizes to be won!

Interested? Whether you already have a live app in the Windows Store or you're building - or even just thinking about building - an app, all you need to do is register here. And as soon as your app is available for download in the Windows Store, you'll be entered into the draws and competition.

Windows 8: what's all the fuss about?

Windows 8 is a completely reimagined version of the Windows operating system that brings apps to the core of the user experience. Your app can take advantage of unique features like Live Tiles, Contracts and Cloud Services to design experiences that engage with consumers in exciting new ways.

Windows Store apps sell in more than 200 markets, with support for local currencies in over 120 countries, and you can localise your apps in more than 100 languages. There's full platform support for free apps, trials and paid apps, including in-app purchases. The revenue share base is 70 per cent, but when your app achieves $25,000 USD in revenue - aggregated across all sales in every market - that moves to 80 per cent revenue share.

So there's a world of financial reward awaiting developers willing to dip a toe into the Windows 8 revolution. And if you need an extra reason, don't forget about all the great prizes!

Want to win BIG prizes?

Whether you're an experienced Windows developer or a newcomer to the platform, there's an incredible range of prizes to be won - and EVERYONE who enters has a chance to win. As well as prizes for the Ten Best Apps and the overall Grand Prize winner, there are also 28 daily draws, where winners will be randomly chosen to receive some fantastic prizes. All you need to do is register here, either with a live app in the Windows Store or with an app you are building - or even just thinking about building. And as soon as your app is available for download in the Windows Store, you'll be entered into the draws and competition.

Here's exactly what you could win:

- In the Daily Prize Draw, there are 28 amazing 32GB Windows tablets to be won - that's one lucky prize winner, each day, for four whole weeks.

- In the Winter Prize Draw, there's a Dell Workstation, a Wacom 24 HD Tablet and a 16GB Lytro Camera up for grabs.

- Each of the Best App Finalists will win a Windows 8 Ultrabook, a Windows tablet and a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone.

- The Grand Prize winner will also win a Dell Workstation, a Wacom 24 HD Tablet and a 16GB Lytro Camera.

We will make daily checks in the Windows Store for all the apps and publishers registered for the competition and will enter each app from the day it is live. If you want to double check that we have your app entered, please email when your app is live and we will confirm your entry.

1. Daily Prize Draw

Let's be honest here. The problem with competition closing dates is that, like all deadlines, they're easy to miss - especially in the run-up to Christmas. That's why Microsoft is offering an added incentive to encourage you to submit your Windows 8 app ahead of time. Quite simply, the earlier you get your entry in, the more chances you'll have of winning an amazing 32GB Windows 8 tablet!

How does it work? Well, submit your entry on any day between 26th November and 3.30pm on 24th December and as soon as your app is in the Windows Store you'll automatically be entered into the following day's Daily Prize Draw. And if you don't win that day, you'll be entered into the next day's draw, and the next and the next…

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