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New 100GB memory card unleashed

Pretec ups the memory card game
Pretec ups the memory card game

Pretec has set the flash memory bar even higher with the launch of the 64GB and 100GB CF memory cards at Photokina this year.

Thrashing the previous record of a 48GB CF option, the new metal-housed and ruggedised cards can achieve access speeds of up to 35mbps as well, which means they'll be great for use in high-end cameras.

Pretec has also decided it wants the read/write speed records as well, and to that end has released the super high speed 333X 32GB and 50GB CF cards, which means you'll be getting those photos on and off there faster than you can say Flickr.

Flash drive

These high-capacity cards also give users the option to create a SATA hard drive using the cards, with up to four used together to create a maximum of 256GB on a 2.5-inch drive, proprietary to Pretec.

The cards will cost up to £400 though, and are coming out as Photokina kicks off, so no time at all to wait to up your storage exponentially.