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Eton E5: the ultimate travel radio?

Eton E5: the ultimate traveling companion

It might not strictly be hi-fi, but for globetrotting music lovers Eton's E5 travel radio could be the ultimate travelling companion. The tiny palm-sized radio ­has been designed to operate throughout the world, weighing in at a robust 346 grams.

World traveller

The Eton E5 offers all analogue radio bands including AM and FM, and even boasts reception for SSB radio (Marine Single Side Band) - an 'old standby' of voyaging vessels, enabling hardcore outdoor types to monitor amateur air and marine utility stations. There's also Long Wave, so travellers can keep up-to-date with the sports results on BBC Radio 4 at 198kHz.

It boasts an incredible 700-preset programmable memory with features such as scan tuning as well as good old manual tuning. But what makes the Eton E5 a true travel mate is its World Time Zone functionality, which offers four separate programmable timers for alarm or wake-up calls wherever you are in the world.

Further key features of the E5 include full shortwave coverage (150 - 29,999 kHz), an AM/FM news/music tone selector, a stereo earphone socket and a stereo line-out put Socket. The E5 is priced at £90.