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Minox digicam is dust, sand, salt and waterproof

The Minox-DC6033 WP is waterproof to a depth of 10m

Waterproof digital cameras are a great choice for holidaying families, festival goers and outdoor types.

Minox’s latest digital camera, however, isn’t just waterproof, it also claims to be dust, dirt, sand and salt resistant too. Ideal for extreme sportspeople (or clumsy hikers), the Minox DC6033 WP is set to be unveiled at the PMA ’08 show this week,


Housed in a rubber case, the 6-megapixel Minox DC6033 WP can be taken underwater to a depth of 10 metres. Specs include a 4x digital zoom, multi-coated Minoctar lens with a 42mm foxed focal length, 2-inch TFT screen, built-in flash and an SD slot for boosting the memory up to 2GB.

There’s no word when the Minox DC6033 WP will go on sale over here. In the US, it looks set to cost $299 (£150).