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Skype creators brand TV project as 'Joost'

Joost has interactive elements such as forums and instant messaging

The inventor of Skype has announced the brand name for its TV-over-internet service: it's called Joost.

Joost will enable subscribers to watch TV online at near-broadcast quality. As with Skype , it uses P2P (Peer-to-Peer) methodology. The offering will also provide interactive elements such as message boards via Web 2.0 elements atop the picture.

"People are looking for increased choice and flexibility in their TV experience, while the entertainment industry needs to retain control over their content," said Fredrik de Wahl, Joost's CEO.

The company was formerly codenamed 'The Venice Project'. The creators of Joost, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, previously ran Skype before it was sold to eBay .

The theme of content ownership is a vein running through the company's mission statements: "Joost is powered by a secure, efficient, piracy-proof Internet platform that enables premium interactive video experiences, while guaranteeing copyright protection for content owners and creators".

Joost is expected to reveal content deals over the coming months. The service is currently only available to beta testers - sign up at the Joost website.