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Windows Phone 7 App Hub update underway

Windows Phone 7 - exciting times for OS
Windows Phone 7 - exciting times for OS

Microsoft is rolling out changes to its App Hub, with the software giant confirming that the Windows Phone 7 store refresh for Mango is underway.

Writing on the Windows blog, Microsoft's Todd Brix confirmed that the change was underway, with more detail due to be published when the roll-out was complete.

"Many of you have noticed that we're in the process of refreshing App Hub," blogged Brix.

On track

"The roll out is on track, but there are still a few more tests to run before the updated App Hub experience is fully functional," he added

"I'll be following up within the next 24 hours, once the roll out is complete, to explain what's new and exciting in App Hub for Mango."

The Windows Phone 7 Mango update will bring a host of improvements in August, including deeper integration of social networking tools and updates that bring the mobile OS screaming back into competition with the likes of iOS and Android.