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Facebook gets proper mobile support at last

Facebook hit Vodafone handsets this weekend - and it's no longer a mess

The beleaguered Facebook social-networking website received a shot in the arm this weekend when Vodafone UK started offering a version tailored just for its mobile phones.

The better mobile experience comes via an official platform known as Facebook for Mobile Operators that is intended to allow network operators to get the site working smoothly for their customers.

Kinks ironed out

A previous implementation of Facebook for phones was far from universal and caused problems on many handsets, such as an inability to post new information, forgotten login details and missing features.

Vodafone's UK and German units have been the first to roll out the new, full-featured mobile Facebook, with plans to add Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal soon.

Advertising revenue

Given that six million Facebook users still managed to use the older, patched-up version of the mobile site, the potential for attracting more users to a fully working pocket Facebook is obvious.

The new mobile version has no advertising yet, but that is sure to arrive before long. In the meantime, operators like Vodafone stand to profit from the data charges incurred by Facebook users.