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New Chrome build will allow you to block all cookies

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Google is giving users more control over cookies in its Chrome browser through a new flag in Canary that enables an improved interface which contains more buttons and information.

The experimental feature is now available in version 82 of Chrome for Android and it also adds two more options for managing cookies.

In the stable version of Chrome 80 for all supported platforms, users can choose to allow or block cookies on all sites or to just block third-party cookies. However, the option to block third-party cookies does come with a warning that some sites may not work properly when the feature is enabled.

Chrome Canary is Google's experimental version of Chrome that is geared more towards developers and enthusiasts than average users but many of the new features released on Canary often become available in Chrome once they've been fully tested.

Blocking cookies in Chrome Canary

The new cookie user interface in Canary for Android provides users with four controls to manage cookies instead of just the four currently available in the stable version of Chrome. It also contains a brief description on cookie data to help users better understand what cookies do, which reads:

"Cookies are files created by websites you visit. Sites use them to remember your preferences. Third-party cookies are created by other sites. These sites own some of the content, like ads or images, that you see on the webpage you visit."

When users enable the experimental feature, one of the new options that becomes available can prevent websites from reading and saving cookie data when browsing in incognito mode. The other option allows you to block all cookies but this is not recommended as it will impact your browsing experience on many websites.

To enable the new cookie user interface in Canary, you'll first have to find the flag titled “enable improved cookie controls in UI in incognito mode” in the 'chrome://flags' experimental area. You can also find the experimental flag in Chrome but the new cookie menu does not activate with it.

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