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Skype for Windows gets better call quality

Skype just got a whole bunch better

Fans of the world’s leading VoIP service Skype will be glad to hear that the latest update, out today, improves audio quality on the service.

Skype 3.8 for Windows improves the "audio engine" which basically means less background hiss as well as fewer delays, call drops and calls annoyingly cutting out mid-conversation.

Skype 3.8 also lets you chop and change between your headset, headphones or microphone without having to manually change the settings first.

So you should never have the embarrassing problem of talking to apparently nobody via a wired headset for five minutes before you realise Skype is set to Bluetooth.

Finally, you will no longer be able to automatically view the user's profile image in incoming authorisation requests from users such as the highly persistent ‘SexyLady003inRussia’ – which, in general, is altogether a good thing.