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PS3 to take the lead in 2011

The global installed base of PlayStation 3 owners is set to double this year, with Sony’s ‘future-proof’ platform finally edging ahead of its rivals by 2011. Heartening news for Sony, after last year’s false starts and slow initial take-up of PlayStation 3

Annual PS3 sales are expected to hit ten million by the end of the year, closing the gap on the Nintendo Wii (predicted 2008 sales of 12.2 million) units and Microsoft’s Xbox (predicted 2008 sales of 7.5 million units), according to analysts at iSuppli.

Wii 2 and Xbox 720 by 2011?

Nintendo’s Wii is still expected to be well in the lead by the end of this year, with a predicted installed base of 30.2 million units worldwide by the end of the year. The PS3, iSuppli predicts, will double its base to 20.3 million by the end of 2008 while the Xbox 360’s global installed base will be 25.7 million units come 31 December this year.

"In this stage of the new-generation video game console market, consumers are showing they'd rather be entertained and pay less for their consoles than shell out more for the latest and greatest technology," iSuppli analyst Pam Tufegdzic said in a report.

Of course, by 2011, we should already be seeing the next generation of Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox hardware.