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GTA 5 helps PS3 leapfrog Xbox 360 as America's best-seller

GTA 5 helps PS3 take crown from Xbox 360 as Wii U claws back
Thanks guys! Love Sony

For the past 32 months, the Xbox 360 has sat in the number one spot for best-selling console in the US, but the PS3 has just swiped the crown from Microsoft's head.

According to NPD, Sony is finally on the top spot, which Microsoft has claimed since January 2011.

So why has this happened now? September was the month in which we finally got our hands on Grand Theft Auto 5, and the PS3 GTA 5 bundle no doubt helped Sony's console to leapfrog the Xbox 360.

Meanwhile there are more good signs for the Wii U, as sales of the console in the US jumped up a mighty 200% in the same month.

Zelda arrows to gamers' hearts

This follows news that Wii U sales in the UK shot up 685% the week after the release of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD bundle on October 4.

As for the US, the Wii U's $50 price cut, as well as the Zelda bundle, no doubt helped Nintendo have a more optimistic month.

After these results we feel like we're in a bit of a limbo, with the Xbox One and PS4 launching next month.

Via Gamesindustry