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Dropbox wants to kill off sending files by email

Dropbox Transfer
(Image credit: Dropbox) (Image credit: Image credit: Dropbox)

Dropbox has launched a new service that aims to end email transfers for good.

The new Dropbox Transfer allows users to send files up to 100GB quickly and securely, meaning users will no longer be constrained by typical email service limitations.

This is up to four times larger than the 25MB limit currently imposed on many top email services, meaning workers can enjoy more collaboration at greater speed than ever.


To send using Dropbox Transfer, users simply drag and drop files to upload from their computer, or select items already stored in Dropbox. Once the files are uploaded, users are provided with a link that can be pasted anywhere and sent to anyone - even if they don't have a Dropbox account.

The original files will remain untouched, with recipients getting a copy of the original, and the user will receive a download notification when the files are accessed.

Transfer also lets users create a custom download page, allowing branded or personalised hubs, and users can also add a password or set an expiration date for extra security protection, even after sending the link - and be able to see exactly who has downloaded the file. 

Dropbox is currently running a closed beta of Transfer with selected customers, with a general availability set to be announced soon.