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Shuttle adds a touchscreen to Mini-PC

New Shuttle PC packs in a 7-inch touchscreen display
New Shuttle PC packs in a 7-inch touchscreen display

Mini-PC specialist Shuttle has launched the new Shuttle Barebone D10, originally announced at IFA earlier this year, a cutesy-looking small PC with a 7" touchscreen display integrated into its front panel.

The company is pitching it as an ideal "multimedia control centre for home automation, home servers or in the field of video surveillance,"

So basically, should you wish, you can use the machine without any additional monitor or mouse.

Handy as a radio

You might also just want to use the Shuttle as a stereo or radio, in which case you can "play back MP3 files or a radio stream without having to switch on a large, power-consuming flat-screen television."

"In future, it will become more and more common for us to input contents without a keyboard or a mouse, for instance with a touchscreen," says Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH.

"The aim of this trend is to make it far easier to operate many electronic devices in everyday life."

Specs wise, the PC packs in an Intel G31 Express chipset, fast Core 2 Duo processors and up to 4 GB of DDR2 memory.

And the best thing about the whole package? It only costs £284.95 (ex VAT).