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Raspberry Pi gets 1GHz 'turbo boost' option

Raspberry Pi gets 1GHz 'turbo boost' option
Should it have go faster stripes?

The Raspberry Pi super-cheap computer has been given a 1GHz 'turbo mode' in its latest firmware update, with the foundation insisting that the changes will not reduce the lifetime of your device.

Previously, although you could merrily overvolt or overclock your Raspberry Pi it actually invalidated your warranty, but this has now been changed.

"We've been doing a lot of work to understand the impact of voltage and temperature on lifetime, and are now able to offer a 'turbo mode', which dynamically enables overclock and overvolt under the control of a cpufreq driver, without affecting your warranty," a blog on the official site explained.


"We are happy that the combination of only applying turbo when busy, and limiting turbo when the BCM2835′s internal temperature reaches 85°C, means there will be no measurable reduction in the lifetime of your Raspberry Pi," it continues.

Apparently Quake 3 is a good stress test of the five new overclock presets, with things like your power supply and the Pi itself altering which will run.

The firmware upgrade also brings better analogue audio quality, Wi-Fi support out of the box and some nifty new additions including pre-installed PenguinsPuzzle.