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Raspberry Pi unveils $25 camera add-on

Raspberry Pi unveils $25 camera add-on
Raspberry Pi's light weight means this camera is destined for aerial action

The makers of the Raspberry Pi budget computer have unveiled a camera module to go with it.

Appearing less than a week after the stripped-down, Raspberry Pi Model A went on sale, the new camera module measures just 25 x 20 x 9mm and features a 5MP sensor that is also capable of shooting 1080p HD video at 30fps.

The precise release date of the Raspberry Pi camera module is unconfirmed, with the company's best estimate being "at least a month away (and possibly more)" as they fine tune the hardware and drivers.

Pi in the sky

Costing the same as the Model A board ($25), the new camera module promises to open up the Raspberry Pi to a host of new uses, most prominently as a low cost video device for aerial photography from balloons or remote-controlled aircraft. In these situations the Raspberry Pi's low weight and low cost make it an excellent alternative to a camera or phone.

The new camera module combined with the recently-opened Raspian OS app store means that this is one fruit that's growing fast.

Via Wired