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Cybercrime flourishes in credit crunch

Save yourselves!
Save yourselves!

Not content with making it impossible to get a mortgage and leaving thousands of bankers without jobs, it seems the credit crunch is also a boon for cybercriminals as Joe Public turns to get rich quick schemes in desperation.

McAfee, a company not slow in coming forward with timely surveys that illustrate why we should be buying its wares, believes that governments need to remain focused on online crime despite the need for new focus on economic recovery.

Off the agenda

"As governments are focusing on the economic downturn, the fight against cyber-crime slips down their agenda, creating an opportunity for cyber-crime to escalate in severity," said McAfee's Virtual Criminology report.

"With the economic downturn driving more people to the web to seek the best deals, opportunities for cyber-criminals to attack are on the rise as people are more easily drawn in."

Unsurprisingly, Russia and China remain the hotbeds of cybercrime, with organised crimes the biggest recipients of ill-gotten gains.