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General Imaging packs 10MP in compacts

GE E1050
General Imaging's E1050. Excited now?

It's pixels aplenty from a trio of point and shooters courtesy of General Imaging. First up is the 10.1 megapixel E1055W, which packs a 3-inch LCD, blink, smile detection, and features a 5x optical zoom.

Next up is the E1050TW, similarly specified, but with the addition of a 720p movie mode, HDMI out, and a GPS radio so you can geotag your shots. Nice.

Meanwhile the A1030 completes the 10MP trio but skimps slightly on the optical zoom (3x), and seems designed for the less profound buyer what with its simplified control layout and emphasis on style over performance. By this, we also mean it's smaller and thinner, though to be fair, it's more the least ugly sister than the Cinderella of the bunch.

The Vision thing

Translating from the vague dollar prices we have seen, the trio should sell for roughly the equivalent of £150.

The market for these models is less likely to be TechRadar's actual visitors to this site than their distant relatives. As such there is no need to discuss the value of having millions of pixels squeezed into a lens the size of postage stamps or how little experience parent company General Electric has in this field.

We didn't think so.